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Literature Assignment/Buy Homework Help | Myhomeworkwriters

Read this passage taken from “How the Spaniards Came to Shung-opovi, How They Built a Mission, and How the Hopi Destroyed the Mission”:

Well, about this time the Strap Clan were ruling at Shung-opovi, and they were the ones that gave permission to establish the mission. The Spaniards, whom they called Castillia, told the people that they had much more power than all their chiefs and a whole lot more power than the witches. The people were very much afraid of them, particularly if they had much more power than the witches. They were so scared that they could do nothing but allow themselves to be made slaves. Whatever the Spaniards wanted done must be done. Any man in power who was in this position the Hopi called To-ta-achi, which means a grouchy person who will not do anything himself, like a child. They couldn’t refuse, or they would be slashed to death or punished in some way. There were two To-ta-achi.
The missionary did not like the ceremonies. He did not like the Kachinas, and he destroyed the altars and the customs. He called it idol worship and burned up all the ceremonial things in the plaza.
Which two of these elements are found in the Hopi story?

cultural differences between the Hopi people and the Spaniards
hardships faced by the Spaniards
tradition of the Hopi people
agreement of the Hopi people with the Spaniards
introduction of medicines by the Spaniards. Get Literature help today
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Literature Assignment/Buy Homework Help | Myhomeworkwriters



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