Statistics Assignment | Professional Writing Services

Statistics Assignment | Professional Writing Services

Most of the work has already been done. I have ran the all the data analysis needed, but I am lacking a thorough report of the interpretation of the data analysis of the multiple correlation and etc. I have attached the data excel sheets, project directions, and a sample project of how the end product should resemble. Please complete this report in an organized manner. Please see attachments and below:
Pick four (4) independent and one (1) dependant variables. Start early and don’t expect to find
data on all five variables from the same source.
 Government websites/publications are usually best areas for finding regression data
 Discuss with instructor within one week on regression data
 Explain early what the objectives are and that they will learn later on how to evaluate the
data they get from the multiple regression

 Crime statistics, accidents, health, fitness are a few suggestions…fatal accidents = speed +
seat belts + drinking + cell phones + age
 Initial analysis shall not contain most current data
2. Run the regression:
 Determine all valid variables
 Test all assumptions
 Make statement of validity of data
 Test results on current year data…does result fall within confidence interval
3. Don’t forget:
 Table of Contents
 Title Page
 Pagination

 Spell & Grammar Check
 References/Bibliography
 Hypothesis / Null Hypothesis
 Graphs (Scatter plots, etc.)
 Weight of paper does not equal grade. Be concise yet thorough
 Definitions
 Auto‐Correlation / Multi‐Correlation
 Sample size greater than 30
 Start early!!!
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Statistics Assignment | Professional Writing Services



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